Drum Making Supplies - Rawhide

The quality of materials used to make a drum is a direct reflection of how much respect the drum maker has for the drum. We use premium quality materials on ALL our drums.

Raw hide

Deer Hide
sample of deer rawhide

Kangaroo Hide
sample of kangaroo rawhide

  • Deer (Jumbo) $130 (please enquire for availablity)
  • Deer (Medium - large) $90
  • Deer (Small) $53
  • Kangaroo price TBA (out of stock)
  • Goat price TBA (out of stock)

Additional Information Regarding Raw Hide

All our rawhide is processed by hand as close to the old way as possible without the use of harsh chemicals. We collect our skins fresh then de-hair and de-flesh them by hand prior to drying them.

Please Note: Drum making supply is only done on the understanding that our own shows, workshops and craft orders take priority. During the cold months or long periods of damp weather rawhide processing takes longer. You will be advised as early as possible if we experience any delays in processing your rawhide order.

Colours and Markings - Transparency in rawhide is a natural occurrence. It is common in Kangaroo and Fallow deer hide. It also occurs in horse. There is no direct correlation between transparancy and thickness. In some Native tribal beliefs the transparencies in the face of the drum are believed to be windows into the spirit world. As our raw hide is naturally processed, the natural markings of the animals skin are retained in the final product giving them a more natural appearance (not bleached white). Our hides vary in shades from light cream to darker browns with varied markings.

Thickness - Naturally processed rawhide will vary in thickness based on the species and breed of the animal and how the animal was raised e.g farm or wild. We have no control over the thickness of the animals skin and therefore cannot always guarantee what we will have in stock prior to processing. Some skins will be fairly thick while others quite thin. When contacting us regarding your order for rawhide please advise us of your preference so we can do our best to accommodate you based on what we have in stock.

Placing An Order for Rawhide

We currently do not sell raw hide through our online shop. Please contact us prior to placing your order as supply of raw hide is based on availability. Drum making supply orders are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

If you are purchasing rawhide for your own workshop it is our recommendation to enquire about the availability of hides prior to setting the date for the workshop, or place your order several months in advance, especially if your workshop is held during winter for the reason stated above regarding processing time. Additionally, we also have other orders including our own stock, workshops and expos to schedule in with processing rawhide.

Please place your order in writing (email/letter) and state the following:

  • Preferred species (based on availablity), quantity and size e.g. deer 12 x medium
  • Preferred due date for order
If we are unable to supply you with the preferred size and quantity due to unforeseen circumstances we will contact you in writing to discuss alternatives.

We do not generally ask for a deposit payment on supply of rawhide. You will be issued with an invoice on completion and prior to postage.

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